It Offers More than Vitamin D

It Offers More than Vitamin D

The very second you mention Sunlight – enters the “vitamin D” nonsensical argument. They talk about our Sun as if it’s an over the counter supplement. We are talking about an extremely superior force here. One that doesn’t only give light to our planet; it also sparks and sustains all natural life forms. Basically, to sum (Sun) this all up, all I am saying is that it does a lot more than being a vitamin D supplement. Why are they stuck on vitamin D?

How ridiculous does it sound to keep bringing up this one vitamin when there are countless other forms of nourishment and important factors at play? All of this and more is there for us to receive from our Sun.

Maybe the ones who are ever so persistent with this propaganda are only limited vitamin D absorption, and that’s surely not surprising. There they go again with the nonstop political motives. Well, wish them luck with their vitamin D absorption.

As for me, I absorb all spectrums, all the colors and frequencies combined. Not one is reflected; I consume and contain everything, and manifest that blackness in my expression, in every sense.

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