History: Killing Dr. Sebi

History: Killing Dr. Sebi

History always repeats itself… we must always remember this.

Dr. Sebi’s work is proven to be right and exact, irrefutable. He provided the solution to defeating our greatest enemy, disease (poor health), currently. Most of you rejected him, and tomorrow you will be the same ones talking about how others have robbed you of your privilege. Many of us have a history of creating these false accusations to evade our own responsibilities.

Not all, not most… but many of your complaints are completely fabricated. Look around you and bear witness to the history we are making today. So before our descendants, many years from now change it, let us admit it. No one robbed us of the teachings of Dr. Sebi, we gave it away. Freeze this moment of our current time, and look at all our leaders and tell me, how many are promoting the teachings of Dr. Sebi? They conceal it as if it was poison.

Dr. Sebi wasn’t just another leader whose teachings were based on beliefs that allowed us the option to choose sides. No, his work was OBJECTIVE; he has PROVEN to have defeated our number one killer, disease. Given this reality, is there a valid reason for not promoting his work?

Is it that they have stolen your legacy, history, or culture or did you abandon it… just the same as how you have abandoned the works of this man, Dr. Sebi?

Now, tell us how they are robbing you of the privilege of adapting the guidelines of Dr. Sebi. All of us have the freedom to practice the objective teachings of this man. What is the purpose of keep complaining about not having solutions if you are going to throw them away when they are provided.

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