Killing Made Easy

Killing Made Easy

It was not long ago, the thought of killing someone wouldn’t even dare enter into our minds.

The worst we would see is maybe a fistfight that ended quickly. Time has changed, and those days are far behind us.
Death was once much like a very high mountain that everyone was afraid to climb. Today, that mountain is only but a small hill, very ordinary indeed. There is a new culture that makes light of death.

Our sensitivity to the pain that death brings is what kept us willfully away from it. But now there is a new culture that says… “What’s the big deal… just slit the throat and you are done. Don’t think about it.”

All acts of hurting someone is regulated by the repercussion (pain, sorrow, disorder, etc.) that comes as a result of doing it.
If you can get people to not focus on the aftermath, by numbing them, it, therefore, makes it easy for them to hurt others.
Most people kill today because they are taught to see death as nothing. Life is not perceived as having the same value it once did. Watch the clip below (warning, very graphic)

Killing Made Easy

Above: image from the teaser for the new Deadpool movie. Here you see him about to eat ice cream while lying comfortably on the body of a dead man. Youtube the teaser/trailer, it illustrates perfectly the point we are making. Look at how his reaction to the death of someone. This is the “good guy”.

Hollywood has always been the primary author of this mentality that is now wrapped-up into the minds of many, especially the youths.

I remembered watching those old Clint Eastwood’s Westerns; he is one of the pioneers of the older generations that made the act of killing a man easy and heroic. He would just shoot and kill without second-guessing anything. The message was clear, “don’t need to talk about it, just kill them and ride off into the sunset with the girl.”

Hollywood hardly focuses on the pain that comes as a result of killing someone. Instead, they glorify the killer as the hero, the star, someone who is strong and courageous. These characters are rarely depicted as having remorse for their cruel actions.
In the failure to illustrate pain sends a message that says taking a life is no big deal. And with this mentality, the youth act accordingly.

No, it is not that they are necessarily evil; they are just numb.

When most killers kill in our society today, their minds don’t go beyond the point of pulling the trigger. Their actions are much like a reflection of the video games they played, or the movies they watched.

They do not think about the many lives that their ignorance has destroyed. Why should they when the Hollywood culture, their mentor, teaches them to not focus on it?

If Hollywood was to focus more on the overwhelming suffering that loss of each individual’s life causes, people will think twice before attempting to take someone else’s life.

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