Killing Parasites and Culturizing the Cure

Killing Parasites and Culturizing the Cure

Do you know what it means to make a culture out of the cure?

True prosperity only comes by way of culturizing that which is beneficial to your existence.

In other words, you should invest time into learning how to integrate your remedies as a seamless and natural part of your day to day lifestyle.

The trick to getting this done comes by way of creating convenience… making the process easy. If the remedies take a lot of effort to prepare, more likely, your commitment will not endure.

Here is an example of what I mean. I love purchasing or making those herbal extracts that come in the little bottles with the dropper. They provide a very convenient way for me to take my herbs.

My number one herb to get is black walnut because it is an extremely powerful parasite killer with very mild taste, almost unnoticeable. Wormwood is also another powerful one, stronger taste though. There are other herbs on the list, but right now, it is about the parasite killers. Oregano and cloves are good too, but those can be applied effectively as food spices/seasonings.

I make sure to keep my herbal extracts at a very easily accessible location, very close to my water. Just like how the liquor-man keeps his liquor on his table. But this my liquor, my shot, what I vibe to… killing parasites.

Ever-so-often, whenever I am drinking my water, I add a few drops in it. You know… to invite the fight; releasing the fear of God upon these demons, and so forth. That’s right; my body is no refuge for parasites.

I like to do this mainly at nights and in the mornings after waking up, before my sea moss of course. During the summer, I increase the dosage during the daytime; right before I go sit in the light of our Sun. Sunlight intensifies the purge.

Like any other forms of life, parasites need an environment that they can live in. You don’t really have to focus on directly and immediately killing them. Just concentrate on changing the environment and they will eventually die.

This is what this lifestyle does; it keeps parasites out of your body.

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