Layered Fruit Popsicle

Layered Fruit Popsicle
It’s summer time and you may feel the need for a little refreshment, children especially. Here is a fun and easy treat you can make, homemade popsicles… with your choice of fruits. Please note this is a frozen treat so it needs to be eating at a much slower pace than warm foods.
Method and Ingredients
1. You will need to purchase some Popsicle molds if you haven’t already
2. Get your fruits; try to get fruits that will form a thick texture when blend but at the same time doesn’t require any or much water to blend.
Here are some good candidates for this: Mangos, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, kiwis, papayas, bananas, peaches and watermelon.
3. Blend each fruits separately, and set aside to be used once you are finished blending the other fruits.
4. Once you are done blending pour them slowly on top of each other in the molds, forming whatever combination of layers you prefer.
5. Freeze them and serve

Optional: you can add a little natural sweetener if you think your mix is not sweet enough. And also adding lime juice will help with the flavor.

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