Lies and Truths About Wealth and Happiness

Lies and Truths About Wealth and Happiness

I will never deny the desire I have for wanting financial wealth. It is a necessity, according to the rules that we as human beings are now subjected to. Wealth equals comfort, not having to worry about ever being unable to afford your cost of living; which the failure of… can consequently create stress, pain, frustration and solitude.

However, while we do support the acquisition of financial wealth, more importantly, we support the proper means of acquiring it. In other words, we want you to WIN CORRECTLY. Win like a true master, with all your personal values still intact at the end of it all.

What are these personal values? Your PRIDE, DIGNITY, and LOYALTY… these are the ingredients of inner-peace; which is a far more rewarding state of being than financial wealth.

This is the type of wealth that most people do not talk about. Look at your news; look at all these millionaires committing suicide; despite having all their financial wealth. They do it because they lacked inner-peace. Their money was not strong enough to save them from themselves.

I want you to observe carefully… just look at them; look at all the celebrities that are on drugs. Why? Because there is no peace within them, they are tormented. This confirms that inner-peace is far more powerful than all the money in the world. It proves that there is a void that money just cannot fill.

Now, we are encouraging a new generation of better winners, those with financial and spiritual wealth, true winners and masters. They will understand the importance of protecting their inner-peace.

In this current world that we live in, it is easy to acquire wealth doing things that are deplorable or by ignoring things that are of true value. You should never have the desire to win the race in this manner. It is much like winning the race by cheating, a dishonorable win. You do not want to be a weak and shallow minded winner, one who has nothing to offer but to talk about their vanity.

Win the race in style, like a true winner, masterfully. Be the one who has it all, inner-peace, knowledge and financial wealth. You should NEVER trade your state of inner-peace for anything. 

There are countless amounts of deceivers with empty souls who like to populate the idea that having financial wealth is the ultimate answer to happiness. But if you are smart enough, you will know that when the night arrives and the Dark spirit of God rises, their conscience eats them alive. Their pillows are soaked in their own tears.

Seek financial wealth, but always keep in mind that there is no such thing as true happiness without inner-peace.

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