Liquor (Alcohol) is Just Another Virus

Millions of people in the world today drink liquor and many different alcoholic beverages. But how many actually know how they are made?
Liquor is a virus
Germs, funguses and viruses are parasitic conditions that manifests through the process of decay. These conditions come about as a result of biological dysfunction or unnatural intervention within the health of any living organic being. In simpler terms, they are elements of death, destruction and dysfunction.
This decade state is caused by blocking the healthy organic elements from receiving oxygen and Sunlight. As Dr. Sebi explains that this is exactly what happens when someone contracts bedsores. A person gets bedsores when they lay on any part of their body for a long time without allowing that part to receive oxygen. The decay process will then begin as a result of this and not because the germ traveled unto the bed and attack that specific part of the body.
When someone is making any alcoholic beverage they always make sure to close the container air tight and leave it for long periods of time. Of course the reason for sealing it is to prevent oxygen (air) from getting into the container. If oxygen should get into the container it will slow the decay process. This obviously tells us that liquor is synonymous with death because oxygen represents life. And the primary method used to make liquor is by removing that oxygen.

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