Love to the Heart

Love to the Heart

In real-time: 12:00 pm, have a glimpse of my marvelous breakfast today. I am having it while writing this post to you our dear family. After a meal like this, expect a thank you note from your heart in response to the love that you sent it.

This is my army, dressed in green fatigue, with a little accent of other colors. Their mission is to continue the ever successful task of driving the fear of God into the hearts of the colonizers, the bacteria that lingers at the borders, trying to invade my body.

Welcome to the aftermath, to the world of someone whose love for their culture is not superficial, but rather practical in every sense. That’s right; diet is a core part of representing the pride.

At the end of your meal today, ask yourselves this simple question. What have I fed? If your diet is short of being natural, then you have only fed the parasites within you. If it is natural, then you have fed God, your higher self. Mission accomplished.

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