Making Consciousness Laughable

Making Consciousness Laughable
Most of our conscious leaders wears a mask

Knowing that Indigenous people are the great builders who have laid the foundation for all civilizations was supposed to inspire greatness within all of us. Yet, all it seemed to have done was to create a new form of religion among many who profess to be conscious. For example, the glorification of Kemet seems to be the new church for most who have graduated from the mindset of Christianity. It is the new location within their religious timeline – occupied by people who just want to be told something that make them feel good within themselves. Most of these individuals are indiscipline, selfish, self-hating war mongers who are willing to tear each other apart, like dogs, for the “last piece of bone.”
They are more effective in working against each other for profit than they are working together. Their definition of consciousness is not rewarding, it is discrediting. From this mindset derived a movement where the redeemers are worse than the people they are trying to save, uplift and educate. What is the purpose of consciousness if it doesn’t reward health, love, harmony, peace and humility? Knowledge is only useful when it is applied, but most of the leaders within this circle of “consciousness” practices are in conflict with what they preach.

Most are only in favor of their own self-interest; this is why they do not care if their actions are offensive or discrediting to the people they are supposed to be representing. Due to the insignificant definition of consciousness, everyone can now claim to be conscious today. Consciousness was supposed to be a realm that represents a change that will uplift us all. But instead, you find people who are partaking in the practices of self-hatred and dysfunction claiming to be conscious. Due to this very weak foundation, it sets the stage for people to war among each other, eat unhealthy, perm their hair, celebrate western holidays and customs, glorify vanity, etc. and still claim consciousness.

Don’t be fooled, this is not consciousness, they are not the conscious. They are the deflectors of consciousness. Their job is to provide a definition of consciousness that is not rewarding, and too many people are falling for this trick. The proof of conscious is validated in the health of each individual and their bond with Nature and family. These misleaders’ job is to disrupt the true movement of consciousness and to make it discrediting and laughable.

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