Mama’s X-Rated Breasts: From Nurture to Perversion

Mama’s X-Rated Breasts: From Nurture to Perversion
One of the greatest values of a woman is her innate gift to nurture. She is responsible for maintaining the structure of the family by teaching the child; from the point of conception, to its nine months in her womb and thereafter. A woman’s breasts are for the purpose of feeding, teaching and bonding with her child. The desires of those who seek to destroy the natural family have found ways to do so by discrediting these values. Including, making the woman… nothing greater than a baby machine. From this endeavor we have now seen the breasts of the woman being reduced to a vain object of sexual perversion.
Today, it appears more natural for a woman to advertise her breasts (cleavage) for sexual baiting than it is for her to breastfeed her child in public. A woman is allowed to expose all parts of her breasts except the nipple. We have to ask ourselves, why the nipple? Why it is… the part of the woman that feeds and nurtures the child is rendered as inappropriate? This only proves the direct and/or underling intent to destroy the natural order and family.
African women are often characterized as being savages for not covering up their breasts. Since they have remained civilized and have not corrupted nature or haven’t lived among those who have, there isn’t any reason for them to conceal their breasts, in fear of perverted men taking advantage of their divinity.
In this savage culture, women feel uncomfortable, ashamed and afraid to breastfeed their hungry children in public. It is necessary for a child to feed directly from the mother’s breast, instead of bottle feeding. Not only for the purpose of bonding but because the breasts also regulates the quantity and quality of the mineral that is needed for the child’s health. Bottle feeding is an ever compromising solution that is not ideal.
We are not advocating that women should start walking around topless, that would be inappropriate in this perverted and savage culture. But rather it means that we should rid this culture free from ourselves.

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