Man + Woman = God

Man Plus Woman Equals God

Nature is a direct manifestation and expression of our Creator. The creation is a reflection of the creator. God Almighty cannot create anything outside of itself; it cannot create other than what it is or what is contained within itself. If God Almighty was to create something outside of itself then that simply means that there are other forces outside of God. This means that the existence of a masculine energy and a feminine energy confirms that both characteristics must be attributes of the God body. To assign a specific gender to God Almighty is to limit it to a fraction instead of a whole. Such ideology would make God incomplete and inferior to its own creation.

If there was ever a time when women were without the need for men, that time is not now, we are far removed from that era. The rules are now different according to Nature, we may have the option to disagree with it but no one can disprove this very obvious reality. A man is the completing half of a woman, and the woman completes the man. No one can separate or devalue the need for women, and likewise, no one can take away the need for men. In nature, there is always a feminine energy accompanied by a masculine energy; that is a Natural divine law that is used to effect order.

Men possess distinctive qualities that make them unique to the qualities of women. Likewise, the same rule applies in terms of the qualities and uniqueness of women. These unique qualities are what create the need and purpose for each gender’s existence. Once we begin to undermine the value of a gender, we are removing their purpose and reason to exist, and this is conflicting to the culture of Nature.

Man Plus Woman Equals God

Nature determines how a family should be structured. In a family, a child who is intentionally deprived of a mother figure is an abused child. The same rule applies on the opposite side… if a child is intentionally deprived of a father figure, that is abusive to the child. Each family needs a nurturer (feminine) and a protector (masculine). Sometimes a child is forced to be raised by a single parent, and that is quite understandable, these things do happen. No guilt should be felt as a result of this unfortunate circumstance. We shouldn’t blame anyone for anything they are not in any position to control.

Despite such reality we still have to acknowledge the very important fact that a family is only completed with the presence of both a feminine governing body and a masculine governing body. The status of God can only be achieved by way of combining the forces of the great feminine and the great masculine. A man is only a fraction of God, the masculine half. Likewise, a woman is only a fraction of God, the feminine half. Nature is a combination of both principles, and anyone who tries to separate them, is guilty of committing disunity, disharmony and crime against Nature.

A group or an organization is also a family. This means that no man, alone, is supposed to lead without the equal governing force of a woman. In fact, any man who is assuming the position of leadership over a group or organization without being accompanied by the complementary feminine representation is not a qualified leader.

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