Melanin Converts UV-Radiation to Natural Energy

Melanin Converts UV-Radiation to Natural Energy

Today they can have their wish; we will have a seat in the back and let them drive for a minute. Don’t stop; continue to tell us about how Melanin is a Sun blocker. Like I said, today we will agree, but only for a minute. And while they continue to cruise in their deception, I hope they don’t forget to talk about “Ultrafast Internal Conversion.”

Ultrafast Internal Conversion is the process by which Melanin supposedly converts 99.9% UV-radiation into harmless heat. Well, we rather to be more truthful and say… energy and food, as opposed to just heat. We know… we get it; the mission is to avoid giving much credit to Melanin. But of course, you should understand that it wouldn’t make sense for Melanin to produce more heat from a source that is already producing a lot of heat, in an already hot environment?

Whenever they say 99.9%… it basically means 100%. For legal purposes, for companies to protect themselves against lawsuits, they always have to leave a percentage of uncertainty, hence the .1%.

Now here is the important question we hope they can answer. If Melanin neutralizes 100% of UV-radiation absorbed, what percentage poses a threat to causing cancer? 0%? I guess 0% can be quite effective. If through the process of “blocking” Sunlight, Melanin neutralizes all ultraviolet radiation, what is the purpose of wearing Sunblock?

In a more truthful world, exempt from the opinion of those who are trying to suppress the functions of Melanin, it is clear that Melanin is not a Sun blocker. It is not a component designed to block light. Instead of blocking, it does the opposite, which is to pull Sunlight in, so that it can enter into the body through the skin and eyes to feed all the Melaninated internal cells, tissues and organs, including the Melaninated blood.

We know that Melanin is a battery that gets charged by direct exposure to Sunlight, and releases that charge as natural energy for our body. We know because we can feel it. We need no scientist to confirm this, we live it daily. And by the way, if your diet is unnatural, forget it; you will not have this experience, because your Melanin is compromised.


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