Melanin Glasses


Melanin is defining the future of technology. As a result of this certainty, it is becoming harder each day for this world to further conceal the superior advantages that Melanin offers. Recently, we wrote an article about the bio-friendly batteries that are being made using the Melanin ink found in cuttlefish. This highlights one of the many ways in which Melanin is being applied to further the technological growth of the so-called modern world. Melanin is in many of the different devices we have in our environment, not just in Sunglasses; it is inside the computer screens, television screens and almost every man-made thing that emits radiation. Melanin is used in these technologies to prevent emission of radiation.

Melanin glasses have been around for quite a few years. The purpose of this technology satisfies a long list of different needs pertaining to health. These glasses were simply designed to do the job of the Melaninated pigmented layer of our eyes. Wearing shades just for the sake of fashion and minor glare is very unhealthy; it restricts the eyes from getting adequate exposure to natural light. Eyes that are void of natural light will begin to suffer vision impairment and also a loss of brain power. The light that is absorbed through the eyes nourishes the brain and enhances the quality of one’s vision. This is why traditionally we have always practiced Sun gazing; it is an exercise that allows us to effectively maintain the health of our eyes, brain, and overall body.

Melanin glasses are available to the public (not a hidden secret), and they are literally called “Melanin glasses”. Among the list of benefits mentioned, these glasses are not only used to “protect” the Melanin recessive eyes from UV rays but it also enhances vision. The more Melanin in the eyes, the better the quality of one’s vision, the more variation of colors they are able to see and also the sharper their vision is. The quality of your vision is dependent on how much light your eyes can absorb, which is dependent on how much Melanin that is present in the eyes.

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