How Melanin Influences Our Eyes and Vision

Eye Diagram of the Pupil

The pupil is the passageway that allows light to enter the body through the eyes.

Without light, there is no vision; we see objects according to how light is reflected from its surface. That light is then absorbed by the eyes and sent to the brain where the identity of that object gets perceived. The more light that is absorbed by the eyes is the more variation of colors you see (more details). It allows you to see the truest color of any object instead of a paler translation.
Eye Diagram

Diagram of the eye showing the Melaninated
retina that captures light

This works by light waves getting captured by the Melaninated section of the eye called the retina. This information first enters the pupil and then travels through the optic nerve and to the brain where it gets rendered. For proper vision, it is important for light to not be reflected from the eye. This illustrates the importance of the Melaninated retina at the back of the eye which prevents light from being reflected.

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