Melanin, the Spirit and the Natural Order

Melanin, the Spirit and the Natural Order
Nature is not an external entity outside of ourselves; we are nature, governed by a supreme force, which is also a part of us. Religions have mystified this force to the point where it no longer has tangible meaning; but became only mere superstition. We refer to this force as the spirit, the energy that creates order in nature.
It dictates the seasons and also controls our circadian rhythm, which includes our sleep cycle and perception of time. The element in nature that connects it to the spirit is also the same element that this spirit is made of and it is called Melanin (Dark Matter). How can we prove that Melanin connect us to the cycles of nature? Once the function of Melanin is compromised or intercepted (blocked), the body becomes out of sync with the natural order as in the case of sleep disorder and jet lag.
The only way to treat these disorders is by treating biological parts or functions that affects Melanin. For example, taking supplements that strengthens the pineal, the pituitary or just taking Melatonin medications. The Pineal is the most superior organ (gland) in our body; it is where the first stages of Melanin production begins. The pituitary is responsible for the secretion of MSH (melanocyte stimulating hormone). Melanocytes are the cells that produce Melanin. Melatonin is the primary hormone produced by the pineal that triggers the secretion of MSH by the pituitary.
The spirit naturally controls us through our Sun, which is a child of the spirit. During Sunset the secretion of Melatonin takes place, which causes the body to naturally shut down (sleep). Once this is disrupted, mainly through poor diet and Melanin biological recessive traits, the only way to fall asleep is through exhaustion. This simply means that if you are not tired you will have a hard time falling asleep because you are not in sync with the natural order. Likewise for jet lags, it is caused by the biological clock failing to align itself with its geographical time zone.
Since nature is the creation of God, this means that anything that naturally creates or maintains order in nature is of the spirit of God. So to be of the spirit of God is to be in accordance to the natural cycles of nature. Hence, a spiritual person is one who is naturally obedient to the natural order.
There are of course different levels of spirituality. What I have just explained are few of the basic but yet fundamental examples of spirituality. Melanin is proven to be the primary element at these levels and likewise I will explain (in future posts) how it is the key element at all levels.

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