Melanin, Sunlight and the Pillar of Salt

Melanin, Sunlight and the Pillar of Salt

Just say the word Melanin and automatically you will start thinking about the skin. This is due to programming by those who do not want you to know that Melanin is in every vital organ in the human body, and even in the blood. Because once they begin to talk about the functions of Melanin in these other parts of the body, they will be forced to abandon their theory about Melanin being a Sun blocker. They will be forced to give Melanin the credit they have fought so hard to suppress for all these years. This is why the conversation about Melanin very rarely goes beyond the skin.

Sunlight has always been the primary source of our health, our strength, our obedience to Nature (God), and the ultimate source of our knowledge. It is what kept us, and Nature in general, civilized since our eternal existence.

Somehow, through indoctrination and propaganda, that knowledge was lost. Indigenous people are now redefining themselves in accordance with a doctrine that is extremely offensive to their biology, in complete violation of their very existence. People who were once considered children of the Sun are now deceived into thinking that Sunlight is something they should be protecting themselves against.

This is where the irony is. While you are feeling safe by “protecting” yourselves against direct Sunlight, you creating serious damage internally. Now let’s do the math. Your organs are Melanin dependent; meaning, without Melanin, they will not function properly. Melanin is Sunlight dependent, direct Sunlight is the best source of nourishment for Melanin. Now you do the math, and tell me what do you think the consequence is when you deprive yourself of direct Sunlight? Once you understand that Melanin is in your brain, central nervous system and other parts of your body, you will have a more accurate understanding of the true function of Melanin in the skin. You will understand that skin Melanin works in the opposite way in which you were told. Instead of blocking or rejecting Sunlight, it was designed to pull it into the body, primarily through the skin and eyes, to feed these internal Melaninated/Sunlight-dependent organs.

Lack of Sunlight will compromise your entire circadian rhythm. Direct Sunlight is necessary for the secretion of the two most important hormones in the human body, Serotonin, and Melatonin, which sets the stage for all other biological functions. You can call them the Sunlight hormones because they are directly controlled by the day and night cycle of our Sun. Melatonin is extremely important for not only our physical health but our spiritual and mental as well. The Pineal, which our ancestors referred to as the seat of our soul, is also Sunlight dependant. It is the master gland in the human body, which is responsible for the production and secretion of these two hormones, as mentioned.

Eventually, due to lack of Sunlight over time, the Pineal will become calcified. Consequently, your mitochondria will also stop producing adequate ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) and instead produce another compound called pyrophosphate. When pyrophosphate binds with calcium, it forms calcium salt, which ultimately will harden your arteries, heart and other vital components of the body. With this salt deposit in your bloodstream, your entire body will basically become a pillar of salt, by way of the calcification of your tissue, blood vessels, teeth, arteries, and organs. That is what happens when Sunlight is blocked out, calcification will occur, calcium salt will begin to form throughout your entire body.

If you so believe that the relationship between your body and our Sun stops at the skin, you are sadly mistaking. It gets much deeper than that.

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