Menstruation and the Ignored Health Obligations

Menstruation and the Ignored Health Obligations

During menstruation the body loses blood, and therefore, it loses very important minerals including iron, calcium and zinc. For this very important reason, every woman should have a means, embedded into their cultural practice that deals with compensating their body for the loss of these vital minerals that occurs during menstruation. Sadly, most women are left without this fundamental knowledge of womanhood; something that is necessary to always be included in their curriculum.

To the same effect as how women adhere to the need for wearing sanitary napkins during menstruation periods, so should their effort to offer extra support to their body during this time of the month. Failure to supply the body with any minerals that it may have lost will inevitably create a state of mineral deficiency, and even greater health related issues.

Anemia, one of the most common health problems that mostly affect women is caused by lack of iron, one of the most vital minerals of the blood. Iron is necessary for the blood to carry oxygen throughout the entire body. The common cause of anemia in women is directly related to the uncompensated loss of blood from their body during menstruation.

Furthermore, it is quite possible that this may also be one of the primary causes of another common problem, impaired (blurred) vision. If anyone should do a gender based research on who suffers more from impaired vision, it is more likely that the result will show women outnumbering men. This assumption is only made on the account of knowing the important roles that these vital minerals, that are lost, play in support of our vision.

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