Mental Preparation for Sex (Praying)

Mental Preparation for Sex (Praying)

Sex is a form of prayer. The reason why this may not occur to some people is due to the perverted culture that many of them have become accustomed to. Many people also have a misconception about what a prayer is. They believe that they have to close their eyes and bow their head in order to execute such task.  A prayer is simply a thought within someone’s mind that is projected outward into the spiritual realm of the cosmic womb where reality is birth into existence.  Our conviction to our frame of mind controls our reality. We have the power to will things into being, according to the nature of our thought process. The means of projecting our thoughts to what we call our God is known as praying.

The purpose of closing the eyes is only to enhance focus, eliminate distraction, and intensify one’s concentration. Praying as a family or nation is even more powerful because when more than one is gathered with a singular mindset, purpose, and focus, it enables a much greater chance of willing things into existence.

Sex is the primary means of bringing forth life on the physical plane. However, a child is not the only thing that is birth into physical being through sex. Thoughts are also materialized through this very sacred and spiritual union between a man and a woman. During this experience, where the forces of polar opposites are met, a circuit is completed and a key is formed to open up the doors of the Black Universe (spiritual womb of God). Whatever mindset you have during a sexual union will affect not only the child that may be born from this but also the personal experience between both participants.

It is dangerous to engage in this experience if your mindset is corrupted. People, who practice this, lived to see the strain it puts on their relationship over time. This also includes the relationship they have with their children who came into physical being from this unjust sexual union. The savagery of this society teaches people to use sex to resolve disputes; they call it “make-up sex”. It is unhealthy; you have to resolve your issues completely before having sex. You cannot carry any implications of that burden into this spiritual moment of prayer. Conspiracy theorists talk a lot about sexual rituals, and who is partaking in it. But the more important matter to discuss is why they chose sex as the preferred avenue. They do it because they understand the power of sex; whether it is evil or good, sex is a portal that is used to manifest thought into the physical. Of course, we do not condone the idea of the animalistic nature within their engagements.

Any form of meditation on one’s thought is considered a prayer.  Whichever way you choose to concentrate that thought will also be considered as a prayer.

There are certain rules to follow before engaging in a sexual prayer with your partner. Do not proceed if you are angry with each other or have an unresolved dilemma. Do not expose your mind to violence, fear, perversion or anything that pollutes your spirit, before sex. Do not practice watching Hollywood movies either before sex, of which we know people commonly do. If you do watch a movie a few hours before, you have to try to undo its injury by exposing your mind to constructive and productive programming.

These are the types of sacred rules we have been breaking for centuries; which accounts for many generations of injured seeds. It also accounts for a major part of the reason most of us are enslaved to the western culture. We pray (have sex) within that frequency wrapped around our DNA and our children are born from it. Visit Nature before your sexual prayer, not the Movie Theater or club. Have the thoughts of what’s pure within you before you unite in this engagement. Remember that the Black womb is a portal to the Black spiritual realm that we connect to through prayers. Your state of mind during a prayer will be reflected in your life.

This topic is not within the context of western sexual perversion, it is a necessary topic to talk about and share with everyone including, friends and family. It is in reference to their health and not a perverted sexual discussion or implications.

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