Extremely Nasty Ingredients in Food

Nasty Foods
You Will be Surprised by What They Are Actually Feeding You
Urine is used in food products that many of us consume daily. Beaver urine (castoreum) is in food products such as vanilla and other products including perfumes, cigarettes and medical drugs.
Insects for Food Dyes
The Cochineal insects are commonly used to make red food dyes. For each pound of cochineal dye, requires crushing nearly 70,000 bugs to go in it. This dye is used to color and brighten the color of many food products including: candies, juices, smoothies, meat, pastries and even lipsticks.
The food industry is now making people unknowingly eat other people. There is a food additive that is used by quite a few famous companies to deceive your taste buds so you may not taste the true reality of your food. It is called HEK 293, or Human Embryonic Kidney which is obtained from the kidney of aborted baby fetuses.
Bathing in Animal Fat
Imagine rubbing the fat of an animal all over your body, how nasty does that sound? There are a lot of people who are doing this and not aware because they do not study the ingredients of the products they use. A lot of “beauty products” contains lanolin; it is sheep fat that is commonly used to make lotions and ointments.
Eating Feces
Next time, before you decide to purchase some tortillas, search the ingredients for guano. Guano is another name for bat droppings (feces). According to some sources guano is what they use to make the cheese stick to the tortillas.

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