The Natural and Internal Deodorant

Body odor is caused by toxins that are produced primarily by our food consumption. If you should eat purely raw fruits and vegetables over a short period of time your body odor will significantly improve. This is because raw (uncooked) fruits and vegetable are not only nontoxic but they are also very aggressive in destroying toxicity in the body. The element in the natural vegetation that offers this wonderful attribute is chlorophyll.
Chlorophyll is the plant version of Melanin which also allows it to work harmoniously with the human body. The only difference is that the central atom of human’s Melanin is iron, while plants have magnesium. It is however not convenient for many of us to entertain a purely raw fruits and vegetable diet. This doesn’t mean that all hopes are lost; there is still yet another option. That is by purchasing the extracted bottled version which is available at almost any health store. It is not the best option but it is a very convenient substitute that provides good results. Putting a few drops of chlorophyll in your water or juice daily will help to eliminate a significant amount of body odor including bad breath.
Melanin and Chlorophyll

The above image shows that there is only one difference between Melanin and Chlorophyll.

Chlorophyll has so many other wonderful attributes that it is almost impossible to gather them all.
Some of these benefits:
  • Chlorophyll helps to rebuild and repair damaged blood cells
  • It is an Anti Carcinogen
  • Gastrointestinal Problems
  • Natural Antiseptic
  • Eliminates heavy metal such as mercury from the body
  • Antioxidant & Anti-inflammatory

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