Nature Doesn’t Transfer Credit

Nature Doesn’t Transfer Credit

Recently, I heard a story about a man who died of cancer. Everyone who knew him was extremely saddened by it; because he was a good man in their eyes.

And as if that wasn’t bad enough, the person who was taking care of him, died not long after, also from cancer. He too was said to be a very kind and loving person. Both were said to have practiced a very poor dietary regimen.

Hearing these stories is always troubling; it is always hurtful to see good people go. Nevertheless, setting our emotions aside, it is important for us to always learn the essential messages within these experiences.

Their passing reinstated a very important lesson about life, for me.

The lesson is, Nature doesn’t transfer credit, we will always be rewarded where we are deserving of it and punished likewise.

Being a nice person doesn’t protect us from our ignorance; it doesn’t protect us against not taking care of our body. You can be nice in one sense, while violating natural law in another. Wherever we are lacking, Nature will always come for us accordingly. It will never allow any of us to compromise the ultimate rules that protect its existence.

We must all learn that Nature is emotionless, we just cannot appease it. No matter how good we appear to be among ourselves, if we fail to follow natural law, Nature will always punish us accordingly.

I know a lot of people don’t want hear this, but this, that which you dislike is a part of the reality that none of us cannot escape. The best we can ever do is to face it and seek the necessary changes, to secure a better future. You do so by taking proper care of you body.

You have the chance and the option to control the outcome, you must act now.

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