No Booze for the Healthy, Neither for the Strong

No Booze for the Healthy, Neither for the Strong
The drinking of alcoholic beverages is an act of weakness that is perceived as an act of strength. The first attempt to inflict this deception is by labeling alcoholic beverages as “strong drinks”. Given this notion, psychologically, we would obviously think that such drink is only for the strong, those who have the potential to contain its strength.
Evidently, there isn’t any doubt that we have fully accepted this erroneous conviction. It is echoed in our daily lives; especially when we boast about how much liquor we can drink without getting drunk. Liquor numbs the mind and makes light of serious situations; it is a way for us to escape our pain and stress. This attribute qualifies liquor as a drink, not for the strong but for the weak, for those who do not have the strength to face their problems and tries to hide from them.
We are also led to believe that a person’s ability to “hold their liquor” is liken to a person’s ability to manage a certain weight which is a validation of strength. But in fact, it is quite the opposite, the weaker or unhealthier your body is, it’s the longer it will take to react to the effects of liquor.
Liquor is a type of germ or bacteria; the primary process of creating liquor is the same as the conditions that causes these parasites to breed. It is prepared under conditions that are void of oxygen and Sunlight, that which is suitable for germs and bacteria. The reason people vomit after drinking liquor is because their body is trying to remove it from their system. This happens because the body acknowledges it as poison.
The healthier you are, it’s the quicker your immune system will react to germs or attack from foreign invaders in the body. People whose body takes a longer time to react to the effects of liquor are those who are unhealthy with weaker immune system. Having a tolerance for liquor is a validation of how biologically weak someone’s system is.

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