No Dead Food for the Gods

No Dead Food for the Gods
Once the life force is drained from a living organism, it is dead (not potent). The life force of every animal is blood. In order to receive life support (food) from eating animals, you have to consume their blood. If you are not eating the flesh (meat) raw, when the blood is still fresh, you will not receive the benefits it has to offer. Carnivores like to eat their prey immediately (when the blood is still fresh) after killing them, because the blood is more potent at that point.
Humans cannot eat raw flesh due to the amount of bacteria it contains. In order for humans to consume flesh and not be immediately adversely affected, they have to cook it. And cooking it destroys the life force that is within it. This tells us that flesh is not an option for humans; you cannot eat it raw and it is useless (dead) when you cook it. Storing your meat (flesh) for days and sometimes even weeks before cooking it makes it even less potent.
People practice to eat flesh at a point when it is tainted and more suitable for funguses and parasites to feed on. Cancer, which is a fungus can live comfortable inside of us and flourish because our inside is dying as a result of eating dead foods. Funguses and other parasites can only feed on cells with weak electrical charge. This is another effect of eating flesh; it destroys the electrical charge within our cells. As this charge depreciates so does our health.
When your source for life is inferior so are your abilities and health. The dead foods (flesh and starch) that many of us are consuming is inferior, it has reduced us from being gods (goddesses) to a lower form of life. Parasites that used to only feed on the dead are now feeding on us while we are still alive.

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