No Such Thing As A Personal Life

No Such Thing As A Personal Life

“What someone does in their personal life is their business, it doesn’t affect me.” People say this all the time, and maybe they do so to avoid confrontation and controversy.

While the reason for saying this may make sense, the statement itself doesn’t hold much credibility.

People don’t make decisions, in accordance with what they are NOT; they make them according to who they ARE.

For example: In mainstream society, someone like me would be considered a vegan, which will also be considered to be a personal choice of life. As a vegan, you will not find me creating, for example, a food chain that sells chicken or pork.

Someone’s personal life is the dictator of all fractions of their life. So, should you be concerned with someone’s personal lifestyle? The answer is yes. We have to destroy the mentality of not being concerned, and using illegitimate excuses to evade this responsibility. What happens when someone’s personal choice of life is destructive? When you turn away from this, you are turning away from the nucleus that will be shaping society.

People will always influence society in ways that accommodate their personal lifestyle. Once you understand this dynamic, then you will also understand that there isn’t really any such thing as a personal life. The personal and the public lifestyle are the same; one is manifestation of the other.

Please note: we are not suggesting that you invade anyone’s privacy. A personal choice of life is different from the matter of privacy.

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