Non Perverted Meaning of the Erect Penis

Non Perverted Erect Penis

In western societies, an erect penis is only associated with sex. Suffering from this distorted perception has compromised our ability to see the health relation that it represents. Display of the erect penis in ancient African cultures was not for perverted sexual suggestions. If that were the case, then their art wouldn’t be limited to the depiction of an erect penis but would further show, proportionately, the actual engagement of sex.

Sexual influence is not the only avenue by which men experiences erection. It is also experienced substantially during sleep and after waking up from sleep (especially in the mornings). The penis being erect during sleep clearly tells us, there is another influence other than sex that triggered this reaction. People cannot successfully engage in sexual activities while sleeping, so it wouldn’t make sense to say the cause is sexually driven.

The erect penis is also a symbol of a man’s health and connection to the dark world (spiritual realm, during deep sleep). During the sleep cycle, our body is substantially fed with the minerals from our food intake, which is secreted into our blood (regulated by Melatonin). As this process happens and revitalizes our body, the confirmation of this nurishment is manifested in the form of an erect penis.

Life is synonymous with health, therefore we shouldn’t be surprised that the organ that is primarily responsible for bringing forth life, also reacts symmetrically in accordance to health.

Men, here is a simple exercise that will prove this to be true. And it should not be limited to only a one time experience, let it be a part of your daily routine as much as you can.

Go outside and expose yourself to direct Sunlight (food) for, preferably, at least two hours. This should be good enough to provide the adequate results, but let us not stop there. Through the course of the day, make sure to consume the following types of food in any way that still retains their nutritional value. Kale, lettuce, avocadoes and pumpkin seeds and any other foods that is high in zinc.

The following morning after waking up, compare the quality and the length of your erection to any other days and you will notice a significant difference. That erection is only there to let you know that your body was properly nourished in according to the principles of being a healthy man.

This topic is not within the context of western sexual perversion, it is a necessary topic to talk about and share with everyone including, friends and family. It is in reference to their health and not a perverted sexual discussion or implications.

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