On-Screen Adultery in Hollywood

On-Screen Adultery in Hollywood

Hollywood disguises the act of adultery in its deceptive art form known as acting. Adultery is excused in Hollywood, it is the only place where the act of infidelity is glorified and never criticized. They have convinced themselves and also the general public that sexually charged intimacy on-screen, in the presence of an audience, is exempt from the laws of reality.

Some people argue that the condition of such environment, with a lot of people watching, takes all personal sensations out of the act. However, that still doesn’t negate the reality of the actual engagement. If this was actually entirely meaningless and innocent, then an actor or actress should be able to perform these same acts with members of their immediate family. Of course, they will not, and this proves that these types of interaction on-screen go far deeper than just acting. They are in fact very real, and qualified as infidelity.

It is very damaging, especially, to the minds of children, to watch this dysfunction and believing that it is somehow normal. Advocates of the western culture normalize their dysfunction and have made it acceptable to the world. In our acceptance of this dysfunction, we use it as a template to build relationships, which explains the reason why so many of our relationships are broken and fail to last.

Imagine how disturbing it is for a child to watch their parents indulging in these activities? One parent is on-screen getting intimate while the other watches with their children.

Insanity is revealed as a conflict within someone’s mind that prevents them from seeing the truth about their own reality outside of the confines of the lies they convince themselves of. The state of insanity is the only valid explanation that can account for the aberrant prominent culture of Hollywood.

Hollywood also enforces and promotes premature relationships, which is a major catalyst for chaos and danger. When they constantly have depictions of relationships that fail to develop over time through gradual progression, it encourages children and even adults to engage in the same practice. Relationships in most movies are without substance, vain, undeveloped, risky and irresponsible. Too often we have seen movie characters quickly engage in sexually related activities without even allowing time to properly learn about the person they are being intimate with. LIFE IMITATES ART, many have tried this in their personal life, and some never lived to talk about it. And those who have survived, in most cases, end up with permanent scars and challenges that they cannot undo – lifetime of regrets.

If you are a confused and unaware of the influence that causes so many children to surrender themselves to strangers they just met, then maybe you need to take a closer look at the Hollywood culture they are exposed to. It is in the movies they are watching, the culture of meeting someone today and becoming convinced by the end the week that they are in love. It is a very poor example to follow, and it is one that promises far greater injuries than rewards.

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