Only Two Mouths to Feed

Only Two Mouths to Feed

There is no need to be confused; there are only two mouths that can be fed. Pick one; it is left up to you to choose.

There is God and there is the Devil. I repeat; the body has only two mouths, one for the dominant good and one for the lesser evil. When you eat, do you ever ask yourself, which side of me am I feeding?

But why bother to ask such question when you are taught that diet has nothing to do with your spirituality? Don’t you know that the blood you talked so much about, from your religious texts, is created directly from the food you eat?

The quality of your food determines the quality of your blood. Poor food = poor blood = poor spirituality.

When you consume foods that feed parasites, did you not expect them to have a voice, to have an influence on your behavior?

There are foods that feed parasitic life forms (evil) and those that feed the natural body or the dominant good.

Our revolution begins in our stomach, you can never build a culture upon feeding parasites and expect people to act civilized. Haven’t you noticed that anywhere you find people acting uncivilized; you will also find the parasitic diet that is consistent with this behavior?

Surely you can teach someone to be civilized, to combat the parasites within them. But eventually, the parasites will win if you continue to feed them, by way of your diet.

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