Overcoming the Onslaught of Hate

Overcoming the Onslaught of Hate

Ignore the hateful and they will all eventually vanish; hate needs attention in order to prosper. The nature of the hateful is similar to that of a parasite; they survive by draining the energy of others. They only feel better about themselves by way of diminishing others. This is the characteristics of those who lack creativity, integrity, and ambition. In most instances, they are people who are damaged beyond reasonable limits. Blaming everyone else except themselves is always their excuse for their failure. The insult of the hateful is always forceful and widely exaggerated because their intent is to disrupt your productivity and harmony. Solutions are always absent from their critique because their absolute objective is to discourage you, not to influence the chance of improvement.

The war of the hateful is always personal; they are always inclined to lashing out at anyone whose philosophy, doctrine or culture highlights the disgust of theirs. They hate those who uphold pride, integrity, loyalty, honesty, truth, and ambition. Every day they plot consciously as well as subconsciously on how they can bring you down to their level, in hope to convince themselves that you are on an equal plane of repugnance as they are. This is why it is better, in most instances, to ignore them, get out of their way and allow them to drown in the consequences of their own scorn. Our job as civilized humans is to help those who want to be helped, as well as those who live in ignorance. Not those who are working to make life worse for everyone else so that they can feel better about themselves.

Ironically, most people who are hateful are in denial of this dysfunction that resides within them. They are more likely to point the finger at others before ever pointing a finger at themselves. Fortunately, the proof of hatred in the hateful can easily be identified. It is always evident in their lifestyle and the relationships they have with others. Hate is an outward expression of a war that is taking place within the mind and physical body of the hateful. They also like to avoid reasoning because they are in fear of truth that may deeply offend them. Their minds are conflicted; their reality is framed by malice and tension with others, even close family members. Peace is absent from within them, so, every day they search for a fight to feed the conflict that is taking place inside of them.

They like to start conversations that provoke the chance for a conflict, in hope to discourage you from your productivity. You should never allow this to happen; you cannot let the energy of a low-frequency individual defeat you.

You are not obligated to prove anything to the hateful, neutralize their hate with love. Focus on those who you love and those who love you. People will lash out on you for no apparent reason, and if you allow this to consume you, then you will always loose. The best revenge against hate is to live well, healthy and loving.

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