Organic Statistically Means… Only 10% Respect for God

Organic Statistically Means… Only 10% Respect for God

I can fairly assume that you all know what organic means, according to the common definition. But… do you REALLY know what it means when they say your fruits and vegetables are organic, statistically?

Sometimes we have to look at the knowledge we already have from a whole different angle. Doing so helps us to open our minds to a new reality that furthers our understanding of what we already know.

Organic is supposed to be a label for foods that were allowed to grow naturally. In other words, it is a title that represents foods that were allowed to grow without artificial manipulation by humans.

Have ever really noticed the size of the organic section in the supermarkets, relative to the rest of the other non-organic sections? We have all seen this before, but many of us may not have really perceived this reality from the angle of statistics.

The organic section occupies at most 15% of the inventory in most supermarkets. And if you should actually only consider the non-hybrid foods in these organic sections, the number would be even less, about 5-10%. Let’s also not forget that many supermarkets don’t even have an organic section.

This means that out of 100%, God is only welcome to have 10%. It means that about 90% of what’s inside of most supermarkets are produced in violation of God and natural order.

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