Our Food Must Have an Alignment With Our Sun

Berries in our Sun
Most people may already know that our Sun is responsible for sparking and sustaining life for all natural living organisms. Of course this means we are not an exception to this rule. Sunlight can be absorbed into the human body by direct exposure or indirectly through sources like our foods and water. All natural plants and vegetation has the ability to absorb and store the minerals (photons) from the Sun. The wellbeing of the human body is dependent of how much of these minerals are taken into our body.
Sunflower Bathing in Sunlight

Sunflower Bathing in Sunlight

In most conversations dealing with our Sun people generally tend to highlight only the absorption of vitamin D. That’s only a fraction of it all; there is more to the entire process. It is looked at from such an angle because not all beings can absorb the wide spectrum of frequency from our Sun.
The more Melaninated you are is the greater your potential to absorb Sunlight directly. Whenever natural food is digested by our body we are digesting minerals from our Sun indirectly. Our dietary (food) exercise should be twofold. It should be direct exposure to Sunlight and indirect Sunlight through natural vegetation.

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