Our Views on Kanye West… Slavery and “White Supremacy”

Our Views on Kanye West… Slavery and White Supremacy

As much as how I would love to disagree with Kanye West, I just cannot ridicule him based on a bias interpretation of what he said. I do agree that his statement about slavery “sounding like a choice” is extremely irresponsible and dangerous, due to the fact that he didn’t apply proper context to it. At the same time, I will not pretend to not understand the point he was trying to make. Instead of condemning him, I rather apply the context that is missing from his argument.

Kanye’s intended point exposes a very well-kept secret, a demon that we have been concealing and protecting for many years. The outrage that is taking place is only a conscious and subconscious effort to drive fear in people, to make them afraid of having this extremely necessary dialog, concerning this point. Understand that most of those who are “outraged” are the ones guilty of this offense. 

We all heard him say “four hundred years…” And we also know that within those four hundred years, physical slavery wasn’t the only form of slavery we experienced, most of it was and still is mental. Despite knowing this, you intentionally chose to be biased in your interpretation of what he said by only focusing on the physical portion and not the mental. While knowing deep inside that he was talking about the mental aspect and not physical slavery. You chose the bias interpretation because you are guilty and fear that this form of thinking will expose you and others like yourself; the ones who are complicit in this crime against yourselves.

Unlike many of you, we don’t talk up to “white supremacy”, to make it seem greater than it actually is. We look at “white supremacy” the same way we look at cancer; it functions at a lower frequency. Regardless of how vicious it is, it is never the cause of anything, it is always an effect. “White supremacy” cannot and will never be able to gain dominance on its own momentum. “White supremacy” will end the day you decide to put an end to it.

Like cancer, it is a virus that takes advantage of the conflict that is taking place internally. We can only become victims of “white supremacy” and cancer by living the lifestyle that encourages it. Most people’s method of fighting “white supremacy” is like fighting cancer with chemotherapy. You attack it, but yet you continue the vanity and materialistic culture that feeds it, so it always returns.

How do you think Dr. Sebi cured cancer? He didn’t directly attack it; he destroyed it by raising the frequency of the body. He did it by changing your diet, which means that he changed the entire culture of the body, a culture that cancer cannot perceive and therefore cannot survive in. He knew that if you kill the cancer while continuing the same lifestyle the cancer will never die. But most people rather a solution like this (chemotherapy) because they don’t have the discipline to fight this parasitic culture they have become accustomed to. Many of you who claim to fighting "white supremacy" are complete strangers to you own Indigenous culture.

Today, most of us encourage the lifestyle that caters to our lower nature, the side that loves fantasy and materialism. Indeed, you glorify the vanity that this culture produces, and you find every excuse to justify it. This system, known as “white supremacy” feeds that side of you and you love it. You have become accustomed to this form of living, domesticated like a trained animal that can no longer live in the wild. On that note, one of the perspectives I loved about the people of Wakanda (Black Panther movie) is that regardless of how technologically advanced they were, it didn’t define them. They weren’t consumed by it, they maintained their traditional and basic (civilized) way of living. That was a very profound message.

If you decide to implement discipline and choose to not be such an advocate of the vanity provided by this system, it will die by the next day. But you won’t because you like shiny things, you rather be a domesticated pet at the feet of this system than to live according to your natural way of living. The only time you fight “white supremacy” is when it appears to threaten your place of “comfort” within it. You are not fooling anyone, you are not fighting to end this system; your fight is only for a better seat within the system, where you can enjoy its “benefits” without the fear of being lynched.

From the biggest rappers to the most popular “black shows” on television glorifies the vanity of “white supremacy.” How can you disagree with the idea that you are supporting our own enslavement? Tune in to any one of these so-called black radio or television station and listen to the content they are putting forward, it’s despicable. “Niggas and bitches” in every song and you are the perpetrators of it. I watched your women as the climb on that slave auction block, taking their clothes off, dancing in their underwear and selling their body (nakedness) in order to sell records. But while you are outraged by what Kanye said, please do not forget to also condemn the music and shows that are destroying our morals. Why are you not outraged by this? Let us not forget about those slave movies, which is only an exploitation of black history?

I look at the legacy of Dr. Sebi, which confirms the message Kanye was trying to get across. Look at what Dr. Sebi has done for us. Everyone knows about Dr. Sebi, but look at how they concealed his legacy and rebuke the objective truth that he brought forward. Read the article we wrote on this here. This man resurrected an ancient knowledge that saved thousands and will save millions when implemented, yet you throw it away for the slave food that is killing you and your family. Yet you would like us to believe that you are not participating in your own oppression?

You can keep that nonsense about “white supremacy” is preventing us from excelling. There is not a system in this world that can hold you back unless you choose to allow it to have that power. The victim culture that many of you are practicing is creating a future generation of people who will belief that their freedom is dependent on someone other than themselves. Remember that you are the gods of your own fate and as gods only you can be the cause and solution to your problems.

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