Over the Counter Drugs Problem

Over the Counter Drugs
All vitamins and minerals should be taken in their natural form and not otherwise. This means that your source for vitamins and minerals should either come from direct Sunlight, water, fruits, or vegetables. Over the counter “DRUGS” should be avoided for they have incomplete molecular structure that does not have affinity with the natural Melaninated biology.
Upon taking these artificial vitamins and minerals, the Melanin will seek to expel them from the body because they are not chelated. They are missing other important elements that are necessary for proper absorption. We are not supposed to separate the elements of any plants, fruits or vegetables because each and every component is necessary, to have an affinity with Melanin. I.e. Proper sources for vitamin C are found in natural vegetations such as: berries, guavas, green leafy vegetables, kale, kiwi, mango, olive oil, oranges, papaya, tomatoes and yellow bell peppers. Over the counter vitamin C sources only contains ascorbic acid extraction. They are lacking the other important components that are necessary for proper absorption.
Once you begin to extract selective elements from any natural vegetation, it becomes a synthetic drug. Unnatural and creates major conflict for Melanin.

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