Overcoming Sinusitis and Allergies

Overcoming Sinusitis and Allergies

A few months ago I was at one of my closest relative’s home… visiting another dear relative who was there at the time.

We were catching up on old times. He was sitting on the steps outside with a handkerchief in his hand that he was using, ever so frequently, to wipe his runny nose. His eyes were extremely watery and red as the blood that flows through his veins.

Filled with deep frustration, he asked me, “What do you recommend for sinus problems… what can I take for this?” He continued, “I have been noticing that this issue doesn’t seem to bother you anymore… what do you take for it?” My response: “ONE DOSE OF A NEW LIFE.”

Before I could continue, he interjects, “it’s your diet…? I know it’s your diet. I remembered when you used to have this problem, it was ten times worse than mine… you had it really-really bad”

He was right; my sinus problems were incomparable to anyone else’s. It’s almost unexplainable, extremely terrible. I am so used to this new life, sometimes I forget these severe issues I once had.

Now that I am reflecting on this time in my life, I remembered it clearly. Ever so often, in an effort to relieve the fatigue, I used to rub my nose so much, it often bruises and sometimes it even bleed. For my eyes, it wasn’t much different; I used to close them tightly and rubbed them until my finger bruises the caruncle.

Now, I have zero sinus problems, I have been set free. And the misconception about springtime and sinusitis/allergies is all just another displacement of truth. It is not the spring or pollens that affect your sinus; it’s your diet and its interaction with your body relative to that time of the year.

This and many of the common issues that people often complain about will disappear quickly with a simple change in your dietary culture.

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