Pay Now or Pay Later… With Interest

Pay Now or Pay Later… With Interest
Most of us are poor health investors, we only think about the now and then hope for a better future instead of investing in it. Like gamblers, we live by chance, hoping that we never become victims of an ill-fated future. But hope doesn’t control our future, our actions do, and our actions of today are the determining factors of our future tomorrow.
We complain about how expensive it is to eat healthy. And I agree… that is a fact that none of us can ever deny. Despite that reality, we still have to understand the concept of investment and the benefits that comes with it. People refrain from spending money on health… believing that they are actually saving. But over time they will lose more than what they think they have gained.
Cheaper food equal poorer (quality) food, which leads to poorer health. An unhealthy person is a sick person who will require more medical services. The money you will pay for your medical bills, on the account of being unhealthy, will eventually exceed what you would have paid for healthy foods.
Furthermore, not only will you have to pay financially, you will also pay with physical pains and mental pains. It will create burden for your family and love ones and also an unnecessary state of dependency for you. Now compare that to the complaints that you have about eating healthy and then ask yourself, which one is worse.

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