Fragrance, Attraction, Odor and the Disruption of Order

Fragrance, Attraction, Odor and the Disruption of Order

No one can pinpoint the core cause of the state of confusion that currently plagues this world. It is impossible to find a single cause; there are many factors that lead to this eventuality. The little things, here and there, adds up over time.

The cause is neatly and seamlessly wrapped up in the common way of life. The best we can do to create change is to highlight all suspected influences, one-by-one. And yes, perfumes and colognes fall exactly right into this category.

Most manufactured fragrances are dangerous, considering that they are chemicals. In addition to that offense, many of them also contain hormones. Let’s first briefly explain the science that gave birth to this idea of putting hormones in fragrances.

There is a hormone called pheromone that is released by various species, including humans. The purpose of it is to initiate intimacy or attract others of the same species. Pheromones are ectohormones; which means, unlike most hormones, they can perform outside of the body.

Companies believe that it may be possible for them to extract this hormone to harness its function, to create more compelling perfumes and colognes.

Many fragrances on the market contain pheromones, which is only residues from someone else’s body. Being that it is an extract from someone’s body is already disturbing, but even worst, it is a hormone, which means it is something that impacts behavior. Pheromones, like any other hormones, are behavior altering agents.

Absorbing hormones from someone else’s body will not only alter your behavior but also disrupts the natural order and balance of your biology.

Imagine having your behavior altered by the hormones of someone dysfunctional?

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