Plagues in the Church

Plagues in the Church

Diseases are the modern day equivalent of the “Biblical plagues”. In “Biblical times”, plagues are used to identify the sinful, those who have embraced a false concept of God. We live in a society today where these plagues are rampant, but only among people who refuse to consume the natural foods that are provided by God Almighty. The plagues are in the church, equally as much as how they exist outside of the church. This very unfortunate fate will be unleashed upon anyone who chooses to violate the sanctity of their temple (body).

Most common religions have created a concept of God and holiness that have relieved them of the responsibility of having respect for their physical body. Such respect is upheld by feeding the body only that which was created by God Almighty. The body, our temple, is the house in which our soul lives; no one can live in an unclean house and at the same time be healthy. In the context of spirituality; if you violate your body, your soul will likewise suffer the consequences. The proof of this understanding is evident among all who have abused their body through poor man-made food consumption. It is evident in the disease epidemic that has taken over the church.

The problem with most religion is that they lack a valid system of accountability. They are like a student that grades his or her own test paper. In other words, their proof of holiness is validated by their own discretion; their God is a creation of their own imagination. Yet according to the Bible that they confide in teaches them that having a plague (disease) is a sign that their ways are sinful, and that their concept of God is incorrect. Yet they choose to ignore it while they continue to live in denial.

We all have the freedom to self-evaluate our level of holiness but in the end, none of us can abstain from truth. This truth is evident in the retribution (plagues) that is shaking the foundation of the church and the societies it has created.

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