Post Election: What Now?

Post Election: What Now

Sometimes the door you are afraid to walk through is the one that holds all the answers and solutions. The truth that many of you did not want to hear may just be what you needed to hear to wake you up from your state of denial. Today shows us that we cannot hide from reality; it will always find us, so it is always best to face it. Nothing has changed in America, only that the truth that many of us tried to hide from is being revealed, and is confronting us face to face.

How many of you feel today is exactly how you should have always felt every day prior to the result from this most recent presidential election. Why did you wait until now to feel this way, to feel disappointed and upset? When you live in a society where you have limited resources and lack control of your fate and reality, you should always be upset. Until this is changed and control is obtained, don’t ever convince yourselves that you have made progress. Negligence and the lack of self-determination are the cause of our defeat. No one is superior enough to ever take your freedom; it was us who have surrendered it out of ignorance.

Every day, you should be motivated, not by revenge or anger, but by the will to be in control of your own reality. You should have a thirst for power and always make it your highest priority. You should never be satisfied or comfortable with the reality of always relying on others for answers; such mentality comes with great consequences.

If you live in someone else’s house you shouldn’t have to wait for them to tell you to leave, before feeling disappointed, angry or surprised. As long as you do not own where you live, you should feel upset every day.

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