Power of Water

Our body is a composite of small atomic molecules called hydrogen ions. The health and vitality of our body is dependent upon the energetic state of these molecules. A natural diet has the potential and will maintain the healthy energetic state of each atom in our body. A breakdown of any potent hydrogen ions will result in corrosion or artificial acidity in our body. Be aware that flesh and hybridized foods are destructively acidic and creates chaos for our cells. Whenever the energetic electrical frequency is weakened within these hydrogen ions it creates an unnatural acidic environment or corrosion. Sicknesses and different diseases are now at a much higher potential of manifestation at this point. Diseases can only exist in our body if it is acidic as oppose to the naturally alkaline state.
People that suffer from dis-eases such as high cholesterol, diabetes and cancer have one thing in common, an unnatural acidic bodily environment. It is also not healthy for our body to be too alkaline; a healthy state of alkalinity is between 7.0 to 7.5 on the PH scale. Acidity is used and needed in places in our body such as our stomach. Fruits are also sometimes naturally acidic but they are then converted to alkaline in our body. There are artificial alkaline states and there are artificial acidic states and likewise the opposite. This can be confusing so you should just make sure that your food is natural and not genetically modified. Make sure to always test your PH levels by testing your saliva or urine.

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