Melanin in Chains: PRO-BLACK, ANTI-MELANIN

Melanin in Chains: PRO-BLACK, ANTI-MELANIN

They said it is the MELANIN that makes them BLACK, it is what defines who they are. Thus far, I have yet to see the one to deny this claim. Yet, there is still that very important lingering question that has not been answered, on this matter.

The question is: How is it possible to be PRO-BLACK, while at the same time be against that which defines BLACKNESS?

Someone who is PRO-BLACK should naturally be PRO-MELANIN, since it is MELANIN that defines BLACKNESS.

One is not without the other, BLACKNESS and MELANIN are both the same, they are one. Therefore, it is impossible to be for one while negating the other.

You can never be PRO-BLACK while practicing an ANTI-MELANIN lifestyle, regardless of your social and political beliefs or objectives.

Fighting against anyone that fights against you means nothing… if you are not truly fighting for that which protects your essence.

If so, you will be not only an enemy of your enemy but also an enemy of yourself.

If you want to truly be for self, you must embrace the culture that supports the rules of sustaining your health, spiritually, mentally and physically.

If your diet is ANTI-MELANIN (anti-Black), it makes you not an allied of self, but an enemy. It makes you an enemy in complete denial of your assault on your own existence.

Many fail to realize this because their concept of being PRO-BLACK was created by the same system that most of them claim to be against. Their idea of PRO-BLACK is inauthentic and lacks substance; it builds soldiers that die at the hands of their own ignorance, self-defeat.

The ANTI-MELANIN food most of them are consuming is the oppressor they will never fight. Their starch-based diet is a Melanin killer/enslaver, their diet is unnatural.

They said they are being oppressed. Guess what, their MELANIN feels the same. And guess who its oppressor is?

To their MELANIN, they are the slave master.

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