The Kingdom of Pineal – 2 Books Deal


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This book tells the story of a very peaceful kingdom where everyone lived happily and loving among themselves. Until one day they were challenged by a very evil force that tried to colonize their peaceful land. This mystical kingdom, known as the Kingdom of Pineal is ruled by a very wise King and Queen and their two children, Mella and Serott.


Traditionally, our ancestors have always used anthropomorphism as an ideal strategy to teach children important information and sciences. Following in their footsteps, we have decided that it is in our best interest to resurrect this ancient custom for the sake of our children’s future.

Unlike most of the common children stories that are available to the general public, this book will educate your child in a way that will prepare them for a very promising future. It will nurture their mental growth while making the process fun and entertaining. Though this book primarily caters to the interest of children, it is not exclusive to any particular age group; it is suitable for everyone.

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