Protein VS. Carbon

Protein VS. Carbon

If protein was as important as most of us were led to believe, then its sources wouldn’t be in such great limitations. The things that are most fundamental to our health always exist in abundance in Nature and are also easily accessible. For example air, water and sunlight. In Nature, there is a parallel (consistency) between necessity and accessibility.

It wouldn’t make sense to claim that air, for example, is of great necessity, yet its source is only found in selective locations.

Even though so many people subscribe to the protein doctrine, none of them have ever fully explained what proteins are beyond just saying that they are the building blocks of life.

My diet is not rich in protein; it is rich in the real building block of life, which is CARBON; my diet is carbon-based.

Carbon is the base of all natural plants, fruits, and vegetable in existence. And because it is the true building block of life, you can, therefore, find it in great abundance in Nature, unlike protein.

Every Natural plant based product you put in your mouth is an actual source of carbon. You don’t have to search hard for it because it is everywhere in Nature.  The human body is carbon-based, not protein; therefore, it is carbon that you need to consume to maintain its health.

My smoothies are rich in carbon, my beverages are rich in carbon, my candy bars are rich in carbon and my meals are rich in carbon.

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