Praying For Help While Rebuking God

Praying For Help While Rebuking God

I see people falling to their knees, praying to God, asking for help; tears in their eyes and passion burning in their souls.

They are asking to be rescued from their place of solitude, and for God to smite their enemies. They cried about their oppression, screaming… “We have had enough… please help us, dear Lord”.

They wrote poems and songs about their struggle, mourning on every note. They showed records of their history, graphic images of their perilous times. “How long must this go on…?” The question they asked.

Still, they wait eagerly for a response, believing that their prayers are yet to be answered. “Talk to us dear Lord”, they uttered in desperation.

And what did God say…at least from my perspective? “I understand your pain, there was much you had to bear. I saw the tribulations in your cry and your undying anguish.

You have diseases (plagues) ravaging your homes, robbing you of your loved ones and those dearest to you, punishing them with pain that no one dear imagine. Right before your eyes… it all happened.

And for that… your suffering, I have provided an answer, I responded to your cry, not all… but yours worst. I provided a way for you to save yourselves and those you loved.

I have shown you how to use my own creation, the natural herbs, and foods in the fields to recover from that which had plagued you for centuries. Dr. Sebi, that was his purpose, he was a messenger, but you rejected him. No whisper of his name among neither you nor your leaders. And here you are asking for help. Keep asking… you have yet to learn.

Here you are feeling sorry for yourselves, asking for my help. You want me to accept you when you have rejected me. You have failed to find value in my creation and that which I had provided for you. You have returned my presents, yet you are asking for more.

Learn to love and appreciate what I have provided, find the values in my creation and then I will recognize the value in you.

Only then will I proceed to save you.”

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