References (Sources) and The Nature of Our Platform

References (Sources) and The Nature of Our Platform

The nature of our platform is based on practical thinking, observational thinking, tangible and self-proving information that anyone can easily substantiate for themselves, bypassing the need for references. Only a very small portion of the information we offer warrants the use of references, and the few that does are easily accessible by way of a simple Google research.

Information that requires the use of references is dependent on you trusting and believing in the validity of those sources. We do not support the idea of placing our fundamentals on the foundation of trust and belief. Our approach is to make whatever information we present as tangible and self-proving as possible.

If someone should make a statement, saying… there is life on mars, this type of information will require the use of a reference. But if you have never seen or been to mars; how can the use of a reference make this information believable without bringing it to a tangible point? You will have to trust and believe that whatever you are being told is in fact valid.

References are good to have, but more importantly, we should place emphasis on tangibility. We should start requesting information that is tangible, that we can implement into our daily lives and produce productive and consistent results. A reference is only credible when it can make the message within the information tangible, where you can prove it for yourself and don’t have to believe or trust in anyone.

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