Relationship Spiritual Alignment: 3 Simple Ways

Relationship Spiritual Alignment: 3 Simple Ways

One of the most important rules in a relationship is to always be in synced with your partner. Your body is like an electric device, and in order for you to become absolutely compatible with someone else, it has to be synced with the energy of that person. You have to align your spirit with whoever you are in love with so that you can become one with that person, to form an unbreakable bond.

Your frequency has to be intertwined with your partner’s so that you can have a better understanding of each other. Once you have successfully aligned your spirit with each other you will feel the connection and a great sense of harmony.
The bond is created by simply doing things together. Not just anything, you must avoid doing things that are distracting. Energies bond more easily when there is less interference and the body is more relaxed. Unlike aggravation and conflict, relaxation doesn’t create static. Stress, anger, frustration and conflict repel and discourage the acceptance of other people’s energy; while relaxation, peacefulness, and tranquility attract good spirits.

1. Sitting Quietly Together
Relationships need peace time, moments of silence and tranquility. The body communicates better when it is not being disturbed. A very good way to strengthen your bond and align your spirit with that of your partner is by sitting still together at a nice quiet area (preferably, somewhere in Nature) and not say anything verbally for a while. Just sit there and feel each other’s spirit. Doing this allows the spirit to mingle harmoniously with each other. There is a difference in the time you spend together physically and the one you spend together mentally and spiritually. Only through meditation/quietness does the mind and spirit truly bond.

2. Align Your Sleep and Circadian Rhythm
This other rule should always be practiced by everyone who can afford to do so if time allows it. In a relationship, never practice going to bed at a separate time from your partner. Going to bed together is one of the strongest ways to strengthen the bond in a relationship. Nothing aligns the spirits better than this. This one exercise allows you to hear much clearer, the thought process of your partner and feel what they feel. This is where your soul intertwines with that of your partner and you literally become one in spirit. Sleeping is a healing process not only for the body but also for the mind and spirit. Healing together is something you should share together. As each individual’s body heal so does the relationship.

3. Feeding Your Cells Harmoniously Together
This rule is also very good to practice; the rule is… eating together. Feeding your cells is a good time for your body and spirit. You should never eat before your partner if you can afford to. Wait and eat together. Failure to do this means that you are practicing to put yourself before the person you are supposed to love selflessly. There is no harmony in selfishness, no bond or love can exist in this state of being. Eating time is one of the most anticipated times of the day, which means it is very important to you, therefore, it makes it a time that should be shared with those who you love.
You have to omit any experience that creates the implication of leaving someone behind. Doing so is upsetting to the spirit and forces it to slowly distance itself over time.

Sometimes people wonder why their relationships fall apart. In many cases, it is because they forget these little things that make a very big difference. This form of awareness, practice, and engagement will prevent a lot of issues that often takes place in relationships. Once you begin to practice all the different forms of meditation with your partner, her/she will become an energy or spirit that is literally a part of you.

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