Religion is the Problem?

Religion is the Problem?

If the abandonment of religion is the answer, then why have we not seen this exemplified among those of you who have overcome religion. We have one person on the left preaching this same doctrine as the one on the right, yet both are at odds with each other. They are both at each other’s throats. They are blind to the fact they are the living proof that their doctrine is not the answer.  Yet, they remain in denial of it. When people look at them, they see no difference between them and the religious folks they condemn.

While I don’t condone certain principles of religions, I can also honestly say that I have seen many religious people that are a much more genuine than some of these individuals who are claiming to be conscious.

Every day they condemn religion as the enslaver of our minds. If they are the example of a mind that is free, then why should anyone be aspired to free themselves from this mental shackle? Should the religious folks abandon their beliefs to live like them?

Denial is the worst disease, it is what has made religions toxic, and it is doing the same to these so-called conscious folks.

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