Today is a very sorrowful day. Hearing the news that our great brother and leader, Dr. Sebi has transitioned really breaks our hearts. Dr. Sebi, a divine soul, has brought life to this planet; he was indeed a gift from our Creator. Today, so many families are happy because of the work and contribution of Dr. Sebi. We have the privilege today of having our loved ones live longer and healthy because of this great man. To be able to grow old together with the people you love is truly a great blessing. All praises due to this wonderful soul forever.

Like any other human beings, he had flaws, yet he possessed a certain value that is incomparable to anything else we have ever seen. He held one of the primary keys to our freedom and salvation. Like our divine Sun, his life gives life to others, through his divine work. Dr. Sebi laid a foundation for us that has and will forever be the ultimate rescue for each and every one of us. He gave us the blueprint for health, and as we all know… it is through health we afford life; in the end, he simply gave us life.

Dr. Sebi was a comforter. In a time when vicious diseases plague the earth, brutally destroying from the youngest person to the oldest, Dr. Sebi was there with an answer and a solution to save us all from this horror. He had an answer for humanity in a time when we all felt traumatized, defeated and hopeless; the weight of the world rested on this man’s shoulder.

Dr, Sebi did care for us, straight from the heart. Unlike so many other so-called leaders, he just didn’t treat the effects of a severe problem; he attacked and defeated the cause of it. He didn’t allow us to become sick so that he could profit from curing us of the sickness, he gave us the solution so that we will never become sick. He has sacrificed the position for making a profit for the sake of our wellbeing.

The legacy of Dr. Sebi must not die; remember him for the good and sacrifice he has made. His guideline has proven to work, and we must continue to follow his teachings in this regard. Today we give praises to a true god, the great Dr. Sebi. MAY THE GOOD DOCTOR REST IN PEACE.

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