“Science says…” is the New “The Bible says…”

“Science says…” is the New “The Bible says…”

Now, most people will believe anything once it is preceded by these very simple words – “according to science…” or “science says…” Science is a new religion. First, they get you to have absolute faith in it, and then they use it as a tool to convince you of anything they choose to.

Science is certainly not as credible as many of you were led to believe. So, what really is science? Isn’t science, as we know it, based on people’s understanding of what they believe they might have discovered?

While science is supposed to be an objective representation of truth, we must never overlook the fact that each scientific discovery or analysis is subjected to the scientist’s understanding of it.

As long as science is subjected someone’s level of understanding, which is, of course, is limited, we can never rule these so-called “scientific evidences” as all absolute facts. Like anything else, the validity of any given science should always be questioned.

How often have we all witnessed new scientific discoveries that debunked the old? And the new is often only valid until some other contradictory discovery comes along. If science was all unquestionable truth; this wouldn’t have been a possibility. It is flawed, and therefore, your absolute faith in it is nothing but a belief.

The next factor you should also pay attention to is the distinction between science and the reports on science. Not everything that is reported about any scientific research is all truthful, people do lie. It is easy to say, “Science proved this…”, but how do you validate that the research actually took place, and the person is making the report is entirely truthful?

It is also very important for you to understand that science is being combined with theories to cater to people’s political objectives. If you are not paying close attention, a scientist may use the very small percentage of truth they may have to manipulate there information or theory to make it seem like 100% truth.

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