Scientists Do Lie

Scientists Do Lie

Refrain from accepting directives solely upon the premise of what any scientist says… Until you can also provide the circumstance that has prevented their potential bias and lies, do not present their hypothesis as truth without proper validation. Scientists have historically used their position and the trust people have in their opinion to corrupt the world.

Achievements acquired by any scientists are always good to acknowledge, but should never be your fundamental reason for believing in what they put forth. Being a scientist with high accolades means nothing until whatever thesis that is proposed is proven with consistency. Scientists do lie, though most of us pretend as if achievements prevent people from lying. Western scientists precisely, have a very notorious history of lying and coming up with analysis and conclusions only to support their own personal self-interests.

Sadly, our own indiscipline and selfishness also encourages these lies because they satisfy our own desires and political agenda. Meaning, you may accept something as truth, not because it was proven to be as such, but because it supports your personal objectives.

No longer do we want to hear about what any scientist say… but instead, what they have proven.

Millions of people globally, are destroying themselves through the consumption of foods recommended by scientists. None of which were ever proven to be true or validated, and it is very hard to convince them that what they are doing is not right either. And… not because what you may be saying is wrong or doesn’t make sense but because you lack the acceptable credentials that will make them believe you.

It is our duty to put an end to this ignorance by learning to accept logics and proof as supposed to titles and accolades.

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