Secure Your Privacy

Secure Your Privacy

A few years ago the hard drive on my computer died. At first, I was a bit upset, believing that I had lost a few days of data that was not backed up. During this time, I learned something that was entirely new to me about computer technology. I learned that despite that my hard drive was dead the content on it was still retrievable. There are services and special tools available to do this. I also learned that when you delete files from your computer or electronic devices, they are not really gone, someone can still retrieve them.

If you plan to sell or donate your computer, make sure to wipe it clean first using the right tools. You can search the web for available options about this.

Sometimes we use these modern technological devices without knowing their full potentials, and that can be very dangerous. This is why we always have to be careful when using them, especially your mobile devices. It is always wise for people to be very careful about what they say on their phone. Don’t ever get into the habit of saying things that are incriminating. This is not a conspiracy theory; it is just simple logic and basic advice to follow. No technology is 100% safe; we live in a very paranoid and inquisitive society that likes to invade people’s privacy. You just cannot be naïve to this. There are only two things you need to know here; one – the ruling body is proven many times to be very inquisitive, and two – they have the technology to invade people’s privacy. That is all the math you need to come to the right conclusion.

There are technologies that allow people to remotely connect to your computer as well as your mobile devices. Anyone with the intent to do this can and will do it without your permission. The fundamental rule in this context is to “not say or show anything that should remain private”. You also have to be careful of the cameras on your computer and also your mobile devices. There are ways to turn them on without you knowing and without your permission. There are hackers all over this globe, and the last thing you would want for yourself is to become a victim of privacy invasion.

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