Should You Make Your Own Milk?

Should You Make Your Own Milk?

Occasionally I do purchase almond milk from the store, maybe once or twice per year. Given the environment we are in, sometimes we have to succumb to things that we generally opposed to. This, of course, doesn’t give us any excuse to go beyond reasonable limits. Whenever possible, we should always reach for the best options. Never try to rob yourselves of the greater things that are available – life motto.

For quite some time, I stopped purchasing the store bought carton almond milk because I find them to be unhealthy. They create a lot of mucus in the body and also irritate the sinus. Furthermore, only about 10% of most of these types of milk consist of almonds. The rest is made up of bad ingredients, mostly Carrageenan, which is a thickening agent that is bad for the digestive system.

Instead of carton milk, the ideal alternative is to simply make your own. My personal routine involves just adding either the raw almonds or some walnuts to whatever form of liquid based recipe I am making. For example, if I am making some smoothie, instead of adding the milk directly, I add water and a few raw almonds or walnuts to the mix. Once the nuts are fully blended, the milk will be formed.

Hemp milk made from hemp seeds is the best, due to its nutritional value. Whether you are making pastries or smoothies, I apply the same procedure. If I need milk for pastries, I would just blend the milk separately and use it. Along with the hemp seed milk, homemade coconut milk is also excellent. I mostly use coconuts when I am making porridge and pastries. It also adds a very nice flavor to almost anything.

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